Through a fresh lens...

Hello!  I'm Doug, the guy behind the camera.

In this space you'll find travel stories and introductions to some of my favorite corners of the world. Behind-the-scenes glimpses into memorable images and collections from the archives. Photography tips and musings about travel ... ways of seeing ... doing life.

Photography helps me see the world through different lenses. Try on new perspectives. Catch moments, faces, patterns, beauty that might otherwise escape notice.

In my "day job", I'm an executive coach, an organizational consultant, and a values-based entrepreneur. I've long been a reluctant founder, a lifelong learner, and a roving adventurer.  And I'm blessed to be a proactive husband and father, and - most recently! - a newbie grandfather.

Please poke around, say hello ... and do visit, where you'll find a range of galleries exploring a wide array themes, collections, and far-flung destinations. 

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