It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve hunted waves with a camera for thirty years, only seeing glimpses “through a lens dimly” of what I knew was there … never quite able to capture the fleeting moment - the curling lip, the translucent glow, the other-worldly abstraction, the chaotic kaleidoscope churning so fast you can’t really track it.  Only sense it.

I burned up a lot of film here and there on this quest, sacrificed it vainly on the altar, seeking an elusive transcendence.  The advent of digital imaging re-stoked the fire, encouraging my heart that a resumed quest might not again end in futility.  Mounting rapid-fire fps counts from successive generations of cameras finally provided a weapon worthy of the prey.

This time, it all converged: a supportive family pushing me to take the time, walk the beach, stalk the light; smooth, high-spirited L-glass yearning for a challenge; a restless ocean assaulting the beach, warning of an approaching storm.  Here, the frothing wave bared its heart for a fleeting moment.  I am grateful.  I’ll be back for another heart to heart before long.